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We're On Facebook Now

Hey we just created a Facebook page, so if your a Facebook member, be sure to add us to your friends.
Here's the link to our Facebook page:
Also, like we mentioned a long time ago, we should be getting some interviews soon... we're workin' on that right now :)


 Picture Update

584 new pictures - 213 writers updated, and 189 new writers added. Sorry this update took so long, I have been very busy on other projects. As you can see though, we never stop flicking. Next update should be in a few months :)


Upload Feature Removal

Due to so many people not reading the upload requirements, and most of all, sending in stolen pictures, we have decided to remove this feature from the site. If you still really want to contribute to the site, contact us and we'll decide from there... otherwise you can always post your pictures in the forum.


 Picture Update

220 new pictures - 89 writers updated, and 73 new writers added. We updated a lot of the site's code so sorry to all of you who have posted pictures from our site on forums.. cause those won't be working anymore. But anyways, the new coding allows us to update much easier, so that should be a good thing in the future. Don't forget, picture updates are always posted in the forum also. That's it for now. If you haven't already, you should add our MySpace pages.. here's the links:
Main MySpace page
Other MySpace page


Rails & Relics 2007

Hey everyone, we were at the Rails & Relics art show in LA. There were tons of dope model freights there, and we got a good amount of pictures too. You can check them out here. Also, if you didn't know already, the MySpace nazis deleted our primary account again, so please add our new one. Here's the address By the way, if any of our pages look really messed up, just hit refresh and that should fix it. Oh and don't worry, there should be a new picture update coming in a few weeks.


 Picture Update

250 new pictures - 87 writers updated, and 97 new writers added. Don't forget, all new pictures will be posted in the picture section of the Forum, so register and check it out. Also, if you had our myspace page added to your friends a few weeks ago, you might have to add us again, cause if you didn't notice already, the page got deleted. We actually have two pages now, so add them both. Here's the links:
Main MySpace page
Other MySpace page


 Picture Update

424 new pictures - 268 writers updated, and 155 new writers added. All new pictures will be posted in the picture section of the Forum from now on. There's also a section in there for feedback about the website, so if you see any mistakes, please let us know so we can fix them! We don't like mistakes. :) Don't forget to read the requirements if your uploading pictures - a lot of people are sending in pictures of sketchbooks and walls... freights only please... or we would have just called the site Graffalicious. :)


Spread the Word

Lately we've been getting requests for Freightalicious banners, so today we just added a Link to Us page to the site that contains all sorts of banners you can use to add to your website or MySpace page if you want to help spread the word about us. It's pretty simple, you just copy the HTML code in the box bellow the link or banner of your choice, and then past it into your website or MySpace page. Thanks a lot for promoting us, it's very much appreciated!


Forum Just For Freights

Hey we just finished setting up a Forum. If you feel like posting something to get it started, go for it, we would appreciate it. I wanna point out that our forum has much shorter waiting times between searches posts and messages than most, which I myself thinks gets kind of annoying. When you register you don't have to go through that annoying email verification process either, and you can register more than one account with the same email address. Also, if you haven't noticed already, we changed the colors and a few other things, hope you like it. Alright, stay tuned, another picture update is coming in about 2 weeks.


 Picture Update

220 new pictures - 91 writers updated, and 85 new writers added. Thanks to everyone who has visited the new MySpace page and added us to their friends, and thanks to the people that have sent in flicks. We are thinking about starting a forum on here for strictly freight graff, but well see how that goes. Also we talked years ago about getting some interviews on here but never did, but I think we just might really do that now. We wanna at least give you what you would get from any good freight graff magazine, since they're cool but always seem to disappear.


Freightalicious is now on MySpace

Hey we just finished putting together a nice MySpace page for the site, which will basically serve as our guestbook. We removed the guestbook during the site upgrade since it sucked and was full of spam, but now you can leave comments and shout-outs again. So come check it out and add us to your friends! Oh and yes, don't worry, there should be a new picture update coming in a few days. :)


 Picture Update

97 new pictures - 67 writers updated, and 31 new writers added. Please remember to read the requirements before uploading any pictures. That's it for now. :)


 Picture Update

Lots of new pictures, about 50 new writers added and 45 writers updated. We moved quite a few flicks out of the others section and put them on their own pages. Also, a couple of the new pictures were scanned from some old hard copies, so those might not be the best quality.


 Picture Update

290 new pictures, 74 new writers added, and 82 updated. First real update in well over 3 years! Not only did we add new content, but we also fixed up a lot of the older scanned flicks that didn't look so good. The email page is now working, so if you see anything wrong like wrong names, broken links, or broken pictures.. or if you have any suggestions, let us know. It's really easy to email us when doing it through the website, and emails sent through the site will never get deleted by accident either. The upload page is working now too, so go ahead and upload any pictures you wish to have added to the site, and if they meet the requirements, they'll be included in the next update. We will probably continue improving things, and adding new features to the site every now and then. We're also planning on having more frequent updates from now on also, so keep checking back.


New Design

As you can see the site's been redesigned a bit, although it's not completely done yet. Right now the email page and upload page are still under construction. When it's finished, you'll be able to easily upload pictures to us. So if you have any flicks you want added, or if you just feel like contributing to the site, feel free to. Just remember, as I've said before, we only want pictures that are, most importantly FREIGHTS, at least 600 pixels wide, day shots, and flicked straight on.. not sideways. Like I said in the last update, I've been out flicking again, so the new design isn't the only thing we'll be bringing you, just stay tuned. :)


Sorry.. It's Been a While

As you obviously know.. we haven't done anything to this site for quite some time.. sorry about that. We're actually flicking again so there should be a new update soon :)


 Picture Update

over 500 pictures and 120 new pages/writers added. Sorry it took us so long to update.. there's been a lot goin' on, but we never stopped flicking.. so there's just as much new content - If you wanna send anything into the site, send it to webmaster at, not the old address. I get so much junk mail on that address that I probably delete half the emails I want on accident. Also, make sure if you're sending in pictures that they are at least 600px wide, and flicked during the day. No night shots please. Just make sure they're quality pictures, no sideways shots, unless it's a really good catch, there's always exceptions. :) Thanks. It will probably be a while before we update again, but hopefully not as long as last time haha... just keep checking back, and as always, it'll be posted. Until then, peace out!


 Picture Update

156 writers added, and tons of new flicks in most of the other sections, including streaks. Don't forget, if you have any flicks you wanna contribute to the site, send them in to **edited** - read the last update for details on that, thanks. Sorry there's no interview yet, but we're still planin' one :)


 Picture Update

190 new flicks added. 100 new writers added. We will probably be adding an interview or 2 on the next update, so check back. If you send in flicks make sure they are #1, day flicks, #2, nothing obstructing the view, and #3, taken straight on - or as straight as possible, and most of all they gotta be freights, considering this is a freight site. Also, if you have a site and would like to be added to our links page, email us, here's the address, **edited** :)